GROSS Reisen, founded in 1926, and today still managed as a family enterprise, is well-known for its specific knowledge of countries and for its reliable, first class service. Unlike our customers whose destinations may differ, we only have one goal: to provide convenient and safe travels for our customers!

Flexibility and creativity are our strengths. Our qualified staff knows what customer service means and will be pleasant to support you in a friendly, informal manner in order to fulfill your expectations and wishes. We are the traveling partner you can rely on!



Our subsidiary, the BUS LKW Service GROSS, is one of the most modern maintenance facilities in Southern Germany for all kind of coaches and trucks. There, all our motor coaches undergo regular maintenance inspections and safety checks – we leave nothing to chance!

A team of three certified engineers and eight mechanics have the most modern technical test equipment at their disposal. 100 percent reliability and the safety of our customers are their most important goals. They not only do daily performance checks, but also the required tachograph controls, electronic wheel balancing, brake checks on a roller-tester, and the annual official Transport Ministry Test (TÜV) for all of our motor coaches. We have been awarded with all the licenses required by law to complete these tests ourselves. In addition, since 1989 we are an official service station of Kässbohrer-Setra, a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz. This allows us to provide service to the trucks and busses of 50 other companies in our region.

All our customers can use our service-facilities, like the computer-controlled gasoline-station, or a fully automatic car-wash system, especially designed for motor coaches. It guarantees that our fleet is always gleaming and looking its best! By the way, did you know that the glass area of a 50-seat motor coach equals the window area of a 5-room apartment?


Wherever your journey leads – with GROSS you are in good hands. The experienced travel experts in our two agencies will carefully plan your entire route, reserve accommodations in selected hotels and arrange interesting “extra” activities and sightseeing trips. With our modern computer systems, your journey will be organized and confirmed in a matter of minutes.

As a Lufthansa City Center, we are an official partner of the German airline Lufthansa as well as the Woodside Travel Trust, the biggest travel agency cooperation in the world. All our customers have 24 hours a day access to the services and help of our 3.800 partners worldwide.


Our group- and incoming-department offers individual programs and tours tailored to our customer's requirements and wishes. Our experienced Team will plan and organize trips to not only the well-frequented places of interest, but also to hidden, fascinating sights. We will bring you to popular places where the locals meet, and where you can get the experience of immediate, easy contact with people, culture and nature. Let us be your Gateway for discovering Germany and Europe!


  • Are you planning a relaxing vacation in the mountains or do you want to experience the variety of several different European cities? Do you want to see not only the famous sights, but also the hidden and fascinating treasures providing unforgettable experiences: a festive knightly banquet in a castle on the Rhine, glittering festival performances in Verona, evenings spent in real Alpine huts on the Alm, or an amusing tour around the Vienna Prater? Come on board of a GROSS motor coach and discover the pleasure of traveling with us.
  • Our fleet consists of 35 luxury long-distance coaches of various sizes, with seating capacity for 15 to 98 guests. All our coaches are manufactured by Setra, a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz, the leading manufacturer for long-distance coaches in Europe. We only buy new fabricated coaches. Our fleet is among the most modern in Germany, with an average age per coach of under two years. This guarantees our customers the highest level of comfort and safety. Setra Exclusive-Class sleeper seats offer the passenger maximum seating comfort with ample leg-room and space to move. State-of-the-art air conditioning equipment with fresh air filters provides cool or controlled-temperature airflow to the individual passenger. In addition, all coaches are equipped with Blaupunkt audio- and video-systems, washrooms, and refrigerated bars to further provide a pleasant atmosphere.
  • GROSS guarantees you quality! All our motor coaches show the quality label of the RAL Buskomfort e.V. – a registered seal awarded by the gbk (Gütegemeinschaft Buskomfort) in cooperation with associations of engineers (TÜV and DEKRA) and experts. The stars and symbols on this label give exact information about the number of seats, the leg-room and all other amenities that make for a pleasant journey. The quality label is awarded for twelve months only, after which the coach must undergo further testing. The silver sign is to be found on the tail and on both passenger doors of all our coaches, and will tell all: This coach has class!
  • Not only our motor coaches, but also our drivers are awarded: Almost all of our drivers received in 1996 an honor of the Ministry for Traffic in recognition of their safe driving. We are very proud of this achievement which guarantees our passengers the highest safety. The crew consists only of professional and experienced drivers. Internal and external training programs provide the continuous improvement of their driving skills and vehicle knowledge.
  • On almost all tours, professional tour guides provide information, plan, coordinate, and deal with the finer details of your journey. They have a detailed knowledge of European mentalities and cultures, and extensive knowledge of languages. Their flexibility, ideas, and spontaneity ensure that our customers feel at home – from start to the end.
  • Coaches, drivers, and guides can be chartered individually for circular journeys, sightseeing and city tours, or transfers. Tours can be customized to almost anywhere in Germany and Europe.
2013 - 500er


  • 1926

    Friedrich Gross founded GROSS and started the first motor coach tours.

  • 1928

    First line haul between Heilbronn and Eberstadt.

  • 1930

    First journey abroad to the Tannheimer valley in Austria with the GROSS bus.

  • 1931

    Construction and opening of today's Headquarters in Heilbronn, Weinsberger Straße 43. The building combines offices, Operation Center and maintenance facilities to a fleet over 10 Motor coaches.

  • 1944

    In the Second World War all of our Motor coaches were confiscated by the German Armed Forces for purposes of Transport. In the night of the 4th December, the Headquarter was completely destroyed by bombs.

  • 1945

    In the heavy postwar period, Friedrich Gross has restarted his business. A nearly completely destroyed motor coach was found in the Ellwanger Forest - after repairing the first motor coach rolls again in Heilbronn. The buildings and maintenance facilities were reconstructed.

  • 1946

    New motor coaches were buyed. The fleet began to rise fastly. First ski- and winter trips to the Stocksberg.

  • 1947

    Fritz Kühner, son-in-law, joins the company in its second generation. Friedrich Gross is a founding member of the "Verband Württembergischer Omnibusunternehmer" (WBO).  

  • 1951

    Start-up of the express bus line between Heilbronn and Stuttgart via the highway with 8 daily drives in cooperation with the German Federal Railway.

  • 1956

    Five GROSS buses cross the border between Germany and France during a company trip of the Heilbronner Stimme.
  • 1960

    Wolfgang Kühner Begins to work for GROSS as its third Generation. The fleet increases to over 20 coaches. The first travel agency is opened.

  • 1963

    Take over of the motor coach company Emil Vogt in Möckmühl. First school bussing in Baden-Württemberg between Möckmühl and Osterburken.

  • 1971

    Renate Kühner, wife of Wolfgang Kühner, enters the company. GROSS achieves the offical IATA license and starts selling airline-tickets.

  • 1972

    Take over of the motor coach company Rieker from Neckarwestheim and continuation of the bus line Neckarwestheim - Lauffen - Talheim - Heilbronn.
    The double decker with 107 seats drives daily guests of Olympia in Munich to the sport events.

  • 1973

    Wolfgang Kühner becomes a founding member of the "Güteklasse Buskomfort e.V.", Stuttgart.

  • 1974

    Take over of the travel agency Kleih and the travel agency in the Horten in Heilbronn. The travel agency GROSS becomes official agency of TUI.

  • 1976

    50th company anniversary. Opening of the new operations center in Talheim, near Heilbronn. It offers a modern maintenance facility and inside parking for over 45 motor coaches.
  • 1978

    First urban public transport in a German small town: Citybus line Lauffen/Neckar.

  • 1979

    Big round trip in France in cooperation with Heilbronner Stimme - the beginning of the successful reader trips - since then more than 100 journeys took place.

  • 1981

    Completely modification of the primary headquarter in Heilbronn, Weinsberger Straße 43 as "Haus der Reise - House of the journey".

  • 1985

    For the third time GROSS wins the first price of the "Motor-Coach-Tour"-Competition in Nice. GROSS was and still is the most successful participant at all international "Motor-Coach-Tourist-Championships".

  • 1987

    Daughter Bettina Kühner enters the company as the fourth generation.

  • 1988

    GROSS round trip "Mystical Russia" via the Black Sea to Tbilisi (Tiflis) in Georgia and Yerevan (Eriwan) in Armenia. Never again was a GROSS bus so far away from Heilbronn.

  • 1989

    Construction and enlargement of the maintenance facilities. The subsidiary, BUS LKW Servicecenter GROSS, starts operation as maintenance and repair center for motor coaches and trucks.

  • 1990

    The Lufthansa Airport shuttle-bus starts operation between Heilbronn and the Frankfurt airport. Foundation of the subsidiary Oder-Reisen in the partner-town Frankfurt/Oder in East Germany of Heilbronn. The company becomes the first private owned tour Operator in that area, and owns seven motor coaches with 15 employees.

  • 1992

    BUS LKW Servicecenter GROSS becomes official contract repair center of Setra motor coaches.

  • 1993

    Reconstruction and reopening of the Lufthansa City Center travel agency (cooperation with more than 600 establishments in over 80 countries) in Heilbronn. The business unit of the travel agency besomes Business Plus agency and member of the Woodside Travel Trust.

  • 1994

    BUS LKW Service becomes authorized dealer for Mitsubishi commercial vehicles.

  • 1996

    Son Andreas Kühner joins the company as the fourth generation.

  • 1997

    GROSS line hauls become a part of the "Heilbronner Verkehrsverbund".

  • 1998

    The first web presence of the company: 
    More than 120 guests of GROSS are China and on the Yangze.

  • 1999

    Opening of the new "Lufthansa City Center" in Heilbronn, Kaiserstraße 54.

  • 2000

    GROSS travel groups with more than 1.000 participants celebrate the new millennium in Paris, London, Berlin and Rom. Andreas Kühner becomes a member of the "Verband Württembergischer Omnibusunternehmer".

  • 2003

    GROSS becomes the number one in the national comparison of coach security of the ADAC.  Family Kühner becomes  the manager of the month in the professional journal "Bus Blickpunkt".

  • 2004

    The GROSS repair center is authorized as contractor of the Daimler AG for coaches of Mercedes-Benz.

  • 2006

    Launch of two motor coaches during the soccer world championship in Germany by Miss Europa. The coaches are ambassadors of the UNICEF Children's town Heilbronn. The fleet is Partner of the Dutch and Australian soccer association.

  • 2009

    Wolfgang Kühner receives the Entrepreneur Medal of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.

  • 2013

     Initial startup of the new coach generation of the type series SETRA 500. Beginning of the citizens' bus in Talheim and the "Schozach Shuttle". Redesign of an urban bus for the benefit of "Große Hilfe für kleine Helden - Big help for little heroes".

  • 2014

    Redesign of the travel agency on the new design concept of the Lufthansa City Center group. Our team in Heilbronn, Kaiserstr. 54 expects our customers in one of the latest and most beautiful travel agencies in Germany. New Facebook presence with the mascot of our company: GROSSine. She's a little blue duck who loves to travel worldwide. Her name remembers at Rosine Gross who was the wife of the company's founder.  

  • 2015

    "GROSS Reisemarkt", our local travel trade show for 32 years, is awarded as number two of all local trade fairs by the Heilbronner Stimme. Since 1982 we've spent with our tombola more than €115.000,- for "Menschen in Not - People in Need". Our first urban bus Mercedes-Benz Citaro 2 with EURO VI gear advertises for TUI Cruises and is as "Mein Schiff" on the road of Heilbronn. Since 10.12.2015, our first coach advertises in his BUGA design for the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Horticultural Show) 2019 in Heilbronn.

  • 2016

    The company celebrates its 90th anniversary. 90 GROSS-employees are looking forward to providing our customers with reliable, first class service. Our goal is to maintain 90 years of german family enterprise tradition and to keep alive the name of our founder, Friedrich Gross. Lord Mayor Harry Mergel and many guests congratulate us on our anniversary. Every year, our 30 coaches drive 2.2 millions of kilometers and have 1.6 Million guests.

  • 2017

    We've invested in our fleet which is with an average under 2 years one of the latest fleets in South Germany.

  • 2018

    Gross receives TUI Cruises' Top 100 Travel Agency Partner Award. The award once again underscores the expertise and passion of GROSS cruise professionals.

    Modern, clearer & cooler! Our travel catalog and our website inspire in the new design.


Friedrich Gross (Gründer)

Friedrich Gross

Rosine Gross

Rosine Gross

Fritz Kühner

Fritz Kühner

Adelheid Kühner

Adelheid Kühner

Bettina Kühner

Bettina Kühner